Why Now?

Methylennium Energy is at the forefront of a new renewable fuel industry that will decarbonize marine shipping and aviation.
Cost-competitive Green Methanol is enabled by the recent dramatic decline in the costs of wind and solar power.
Methylennium Energy has developed methanol synthesis and integration with renewable power and water electrolysis to achieve a low-cost, high-efficiency process.
Methylennium Energy is developing pilot and demonstration projects to drive rapid scaling and accelerate this new market.

Commercial Opportunity

There is a significant overlap between the geographic areas most suitable for wind power generation and where current industrial scale ethanol plants operate.

Why Methanol?

 Green Methanol can be used directly to decarbonize fuels for cars and ships. 

Green Methanol can be converted into sustainable aviation fuel. 

 Green Methanol can be used in direct methanol fuel cells. 

 Green Methanol can be converted into plastics through known commercial processes.


Stable liquid under normal conditions. 

 Existing production technologies. 

 Established distribution networks. 

 Easily converts into other fuels and chemicals. 

 Bio-degrades in a few weeks if spilled.



“About 100 ships that can burn methanol have been ordered by some of the industry’s biggest names, including Denmark’s A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S, China’s Cosco Shipping Holdings and France’s CMA CGM S.A.“